Polka Dots – Not Just for Kids Anymore

I have no idea why, but I used to think Polka dots were strictly for children's clothing, that these adorable little dots didn't have a place in my adult world. They were a pattern for kids and Minnie Mouse only.   I had a change of heart this weekend, though, on my weekly Target run. [...]

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The Athleisure Trend – Here to Stay

Athleisure wear has been a difficult concept for me to grasp. Until recently, I have always thought that athletic clothes had a place in the gym, the hiking trials, or a quick trip to the grocery store only. But lately, I've been experimenting with this comfortable and stylish trend and I like it! Yesterday, we [...]

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Boot Love

We are well into boot season and today's post is all about my new favorite pair of boots. I bought a pair of Siena Flexible Knee-high boots by Bussola back in December and have been wearing this boot at least four times a week since my purchase. These boots are the definition of comfort. The low [...]

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