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While shopping at Target last weekend I made a quick pass through the clothing department and the most beautiful bohemian style cold-shoulder dress caught my eye. Deep blues, purples, and reds put me in a trance as I reached out to grab the dress.  When I finally realized that I was in the junior’s dresses, it was too late. The dress was already in my cart and I had to try it on.  I stood in front of the mirror debating with myself whether or not it was appropriate for a woman of my age to wear a junior style dress. The conclusion was Yes!

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The dress is stylish, comfortable enough to wear all day, and the pattern is stunning. The cold-shoulder creates a nice drape near the bodice and the high-low hem provides visual interest. The pattern and crochet work at the bodice and on the hemline give the dress a wonderful bohemian style. The dress is versatile as well. I have worn this dress twice, out to dinner and running errands all day. On both occasions, I received compliments from women on how pretty the dress was. I’ve decided that the phrase “age appropriate” does not belong in my vocabulary any longer.  After all, our clothes are expressions of ourselves and I’ve learned that as long you love what you are wearing and it makes you feel good about yourself, you will wear it well and shine.

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The dress is from the Mossimo brand at Target. I wasn’t able to find it on-line, so the availability must be in-store only for now. That’s fine for me since I now have a new department to wander through!

Until the next post, stay stylish and comfortable.


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