Bridging the Gap with Girl Meets Bow

Today I am bringing to you a post of a different kind. A post where the main emphasis is not solely on fashion or travel, but instead with an emphasis on blurring the boundaries between age demographics.  I am so pleased to be taking part in the Bridging the Gap Campaign. Today 100 Midlife and 100 Millennial influencers come together to blur the boundaries between age and show that we are #strongertogether.

I would like to introduce you to my Millennial partner, Gentry Adams. Gentry is the creator and author of the fashion and lifestyle blog Girl Meets Bow. Born and raised in Florida, this southern belle is a spirited, creative, and fun-loving breath of fresh air! Gentry’s blog is a bright and happy space where she shares her love of creating outfits and shows us how getting dressed can be the most fun part of the day. Gentry started her blog about four years ago with inspiration from her friends. They wanted her to share what sales she was shopping to score her amazing outfits. She shows us how to get her bright, bold, and cheery looks for less and focuses on spending your hard-earned dollars wisely.

As Gentry and I began to share our stories with each other, we found that we had much in common. We shared our challenges of balancing a full-time job and personal blogging. She sets aside a specific time to work on her blog each week and prioritizes what needs to be done in order to keep that balance between professional and personal life. She has a strict schedule and keeps to it. Gentry has been fortunate to land her dream job in merchandising as a jewelry buyer for the Home Shopping Network and also loves giving back to her community. She is a past-president of the Junior League of St Petersburg and is currently the co-chair for their new member class. Between her full-time job, volunteering, and sharing her love of fashion by blogging, she definitely has quite a juggling act and performs it with perfection!

Gentry also shared that learning self-confidence has been a very important outcome of her blogging experience. Her blog has given her the opportunity to stand apart and choose the topics that she wishes to write about. She believes that being true to yourself is what makes you unique and that is really what your audience wants to see.

We also discovered that we share a love of pets. As we were sharing our stories, Gentry’s German Short Hair Pointer was peacefully sleeping beside her, while my Calico Siamese cat was mischievously trying to figure out what was cooking in my crock pot 🙂

The Bridging the Gap campaign has provided a wonderful outlet to bring influencers of all ages together. It seems that all too often, media tends to focus on age differences and this tends to pull people apart rather than bring people together. We can all learn from each other, no matter what our ages, and by beginning to focus on our similarities, we can begin to blur the boundaries of age and show that we are #strongertogether.

My special thanks to my Millennial partner Gentry Adams. Please visit her blog at Girl Meets Bow and follow her on Instagram @girlmeetsbow. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be adding some bright and cheery colors to my wardrobe!

Until the next post, stay stylish and comfortable.

Please read on:

So, this is where my post ended at around 12:30am last Monday morning, October 9th. Gentry and I had Skyped around 6pm on Sunday evening. We had originally planned to Skype on Thursday, but Gentry was pushed a bit for time, so she asked if we could push our Skype meeting to Sunday evening. I had originally planned to write my post on Saturday, however, I didn’t mind moving our meeting to Sunday. I knew I had a busy week ahead of me at work, so I wanted to write my blog post before I turned in for the evening on Sunday. I wrote my post, did a final review, and climbed into bed around 12:30am on Monday morning.

By 1:15am my boyfriend and I had evacuated our home as result of the Northern California wildfires. We lost our home early Monday morning.  It is so odd how one’s life can change so quickly. We got out with the clothes on our back, our two cats, purse, wallet, laptop and one car. We are safe and staying with friends.

My heart goes out to others who have lost their homes and those who have lost loved ones and those who are still searching for family and friends.

In a way, this campaign saved my life. If it were not for the Bridging the Gap Campaign, we both would have been sound asleep when the firestorm hit our neighborhood. Our subdivision was one of the first to get hit in Santa Rosa and we had little notice. I ultimately decided to continue with the campaign and see it through. After all, this campaign is celebrating how strong we can be together and I have seen first-hand during this past week just how strong and supportive a community can be and what it can accomplish together.

The loss of our home and all our memories has been devastating, but yet I am so grateful that we have our lives, our pets and so many wonderful and caring friends, family, and community members. It is so odd, that after all we lost, I still feel as though we are the richest people in the world.

And, I cannot thank Gentry enough for moving our Skype meeting out to Sunday evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

If you would like to help and support those affected by the Northern California fires, donations may be made online to the following:

 Volunteers of America, Northern California & Northern Nevada (Sacramento)
You can donate to the Fire Emergency Fund. Your gift will immediately provide emergency assistance to those evacuated from the fire ravaged areas in Northern California.
North Bay Fire Relief
When you donate, you can choose to support any of the four counties affected: Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, or Lake. You may also designate “all” and your funds will be equally distributed among all four counties.

Humane Society of Sonoma County

Your support will help care for homeless injured stray animals and provide no-cost burn treatment for fire victims. You may donate online and choose to restrict your gift to “NorCal Fire Relief”* or consider giving a gift to “Help where it’s needed most” to ensure they have the resources to support the fire relief efforts as well as the animals who were already in their shelters before the fires.



















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