Rainy Day Wine Tasting – What to Wear

This past weekend, we attended the annual Wine Road - Northern Sonoma County Barrel Tasting. Much to our dismay, northern California was hit with yet another round of storms, so most of the weekend was rainy and cloudy. However, Barrel Tasting goes on, rain or shine, so planning my wine tasting attire properly was on [...]

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Polka Dots – Not Just for Kids Anymore

I have no idea why, but I used to think Polka dots were strictly for children's clothing, that these adorable little dots didn't have a place in my adult world. They were a pattern for kids and Minnie Mouse only.   I had a change of heart this weekend, though, on my weekly Target run. [...]

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The Athleisure Trend – Here to Stay

Athleisure wear has been a difficult concept for me to grasp. Until recently, I have always thought that athletic clothes had a place in the gym, the hiking trials, or a quick trip to the grocery store only. But lately, I've been experimenting with this comfortable and stylish trend and I like it! Yesterday, we [...]

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Boot Love

We are well into boot season and today's post is all about my new favorite pair of boots. I bought a pair of Siena Flexible Knee-high boots by Bussola back in December and have been wearing this boot at least four times a week since my purchase. These boots are the definition of comfort. The low [...]

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A Kenwood Inn and Spa New Year’s Weekend

                            I usually work from 6am to 8pm each year on New Year's Eve. A 14 hour work day leaves me exhausted with no desire to do anything but plop myself on the sofa when I get home. Needless to say, our [...]

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Wear Yellow – Don’t Be Shy

Many tend to shy away from yellow because they believe it is a difficult color to wear. You may wonder if yellow is a color you will buy and never end up wearing because it may not be versatile enough. If you don't wear a lot of bright colors, you may not feel comfortable with [...]

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Cropped Pants – The Short of It

                        I have a love hate relationship with cropped pants. I love the classic and timeless style; however, I don't love the way cropped pants look on me. Measuring in at 5' 4 1/2", I find it difficult to find a pair of cropped [...]

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Bohemian Style Cold-Shoulder Dress

                    While shopping at Target last weekend I made a quick pass through the clothing department and the most beautiful bohemian style cold-shoulder dress caught my eye. Deep blues, purples, and reds put me in a trance as I reached out to grab the dress.  When [...]

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The Basic White Tee – Not So Basic Anymore

Who says a basic white tee has to be boring? Not me! The basic white tee has been a staple in my wardrobe as long as I can remember. And now with designers offering so many different takes on the basic white tee, the styling options are endless. In this post, we will take a [...]

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The Perfect Weekend Dress for a Healdsburg Winery

                    It is a rare weekend in which we have no plans. It is those weekends that I like to transform into a "local" tourist and visit a nearby winery to practice my photography skills. On this particular weekend, we decided to take a drive to [...]

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