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If you suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia, you know that cold weather is not your friend. Cold weather worsens the pain and can make the winter months not so enjoyable. And severe cold weather is even worse as I experience this first hand every other year when my boyfriend and I visit his family near Chicago for the holidays.

This Northern California girl has had a tough time adapting to the -4 degree and, at times, -30 degree wind chill weather during these visits, but I have made big strides in trying to make friends with the harsh weather that the mid-west can dish out. The right clothing can make all the difference in the world. Especially the right outerwear to battle the elements.

Here are my three cold weather clothing must-haves that make the chilly holiday visits more enjoyable.


Faux Fur Hat












When the brrrrr-ometer hits below 25 degrees, I grab my Parkhurst faux fur hat. This hat does the best job at retaining body heat while looking oh, so stylish. This super soft hat also a fleece liner around the bottom that keeps your ears nice and toasty so there is no need for a separate pair of ear muffs. Bonus!


Down Parka













The built-in fleece lining on the torso of this REI jacket make it stand out from any other down jacket I’ve owned.  An added layer of warmth is already built into the jacket so you can skip adding the extra layer of a fleece. One less article of clothing to peel off as you make the transition from the freezing outside air into a warm cozy house is a huge plus. I also like the length of this jacket as it falls just below your bottom and has pull strings so that you can cinch the bottom of the jacket as close to your body as possible so the chilly air can’t make its way up your torso.


Insulated Snow Boot















The Baffin snow boot is the ultimate boot for style and comfort. This knee-high waterproof boot keeps your feet completely warm while outside. I especially like the tall length of the boot because I always want as much of my legs covered and warm as possible. And weighing in at only 3 pounds, this is one of the lightest weight snow boots I have found. I can comfortably wear these boots on the plane without them feeling too bulky. And, I can walk around the airport or do my Christmas shopping in the utmost of comfort without the feeling that my boots are weighing me down. There is also plenty of room to pull these boots over a layer of thermals, thick wool socks, and jeans.

As always, don’t forget to pack the thermals, snow gloves and a few big, warm scarves that are large enough to wrap around your neck and face.

And a cup of hot cocoa always makes the day a bit brighter and warmer 🙂

Stay warm, stylish, and comfortable in the winter months ahead.

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