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On a recent trip to Paris, we spent some time wandering through the delightful Montmartre area. We had visited Paris a few years ago and did not have the time to make it up to this area. A dear friend of ours, who is from Paris and still keeps an apartment there, told us not to miss the area this time, so we took her advice and were so glad that we did!  Home to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, original narrow cobblestone streets, and the old stomping grounds of Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso, this turned out to be one of our favorite days in Paris.

Montmartre was originally a village outside of the city of Paris and was filled with gypsum quarries and artists and still retains that bohemian feel today. The Place du Tertre is the main square where artists still come today to sell their watercolors and sketches. This is a touristy area, but still fun to wander through. The great delight, though, is to roam away from the main square, through the steep cobblestone streets and view the real beauty of this historic part of Paris.

For our day in Montmartre, I chose to wear a blouse from the Cabi Fall 2016 line, a pair of cropped trousers from Target, and the Taos Trulie sandal. I had worn a light jacket as the morning was brisk, but by the end of the taxi ride up to the Basilica, the jacket was off and I was ready to stroll the streets of Montmartre in comfort.










We began our day at the bottom of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica where you will find one of the best views in Paris, even despite the little bit of smog that was hovering over the city on this day….


























We then went into the Basilica which is the home to one of the world’s largest mosaics. Absolutely stunning…..

















Gazed at more beautiful mosaic work….

















Then wandered through the original cobblestone streets which were full of character and color….















































We saw what was once Picasso’s studio….










The former apartment of Vincent Van Gogh at 54 Rue Lepic, ….






















And the oldest vineyard in Paris, the Clos Montmartre Vinyard which dates back to 1933 and still produces wine…..

























We strolled by one of the last two surviving windmills in Paris, the Moulin Radet dating back to the 18th century, which sits atop the Moulin de la Galette restaurant….













Passed by one of the entrances to the metro designed in the French art nouveau style….













And ended our day at the Moulin Rouge…













All in all, a truly delightful day! Stay tuned for the next post featuring the Tower of London.

Until then, stay stylish and comfortable,

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