London and Paris – It’s All About The Shoes

Montmartre Cobblestone Street












Traveling to different climates during the same trip can make shoe packing a challenge. The right shoes can make the difference between a great vacation and a not so great vacation. When you are walking miles and miles every day while sightseeing, you need shoes that provide good arch support and a cushioned foot bed to provide shock absorption. Trying to limit the number of pairs of shoes that I bring on vacation has always posed a challenge for me.

In England we knew we would most likely encounter some rain and possibly some chilly, blustery days, so a waterproof boot was a must. The Riley Waterproof Mid Boot by Rockport proved to be the perfect choice. The above the ankle bootie has memory foam in the foot bed and a fur liner to keep your feet warm. The boot looks great not only with pants, but gives a bit of an edgy vibe to dresses and skirts as well. I wore these on the plane to not take up valuable real estate in my suitcase.













Here we are at the Kensington Hotel in London ready to begin our day at the British Museum. These boots  kept me comfortably on my feet for six hours at the museum and also kept my feet warm during our evening walk from Leicester Square, through Covent Garden and the Soho area, and then onto Piccadilly Circus.













Here are a few highlights from the spectacular British Museum that these wonderfully comfortable boots allowed me to enjoy so much…..

The Rosetta Stone

















The Gayer-Anderson Cat

















Beard Piece of the Great Sphinx

















Parthenon Sculptures













Now let’s take a look at the weather in Paris.  The weather was perfect, hovering around the low seventies, so a great supportive sandal would be in order. The sandal I ended up choosing came as a total surprise to me.

A few months before the trip, I set out to my favorite shoe store to buy a new pair of sandals. I asked the salesperson for a comfortable walking sandal that would provide great support all day, yet still be stylish. She disappeared into the back of the store and came back with a box. She kept the box closed, looked me in the eyes and said, “Before I open this box, I’m going to ask that you keep an open mind. This is not your style, but it is one of the most comfortable pair of sandals you will ever wear.” I was curious. She opened the box and I was a bit disappointed.

True, the sandals were not a pair I would have chosen myself, but I tried them on anyway. I needed to give both the salesperson and the sandals a chance. I slipped my feet into the sandals, stood up, and as I walked to the mirror, a smile spread over my face, replacing my initial frown. She was right; these were the most comfortable pair of sandals I had ever placed on my feet.  If my eyes had been closed, I would have thought I was wearing a pair of sneakers.  The words “not my style” quickly faded into the background.














The Taos Trulie sandal, has since charmed its way into my wardrobe. The straps are hook and loop and allow you to customize the fit around both the ball and ankles of your foot. The cork-polyurethane foot bed is also padded and there is padding at the back of the ankle strap. I love these sandals so much, that I ended up buying a second pair in a beautiful burnt orange color.

These sandals kept me on my feet for a ten mile sightseeing day that began at the Sacre Coure Basilica in Montmartre….

































Continuing to wander through more of the cobblestone streets of Montmarte….






















and then ending our day with a stop at the Musée de l’Orangerie to admire Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and over to the Musée d’Orsay to delight in the masterpieces from the Impressionist and post-Impressionist periods.

I also packed one pair of sneakers for those days when the boots weren’t needed and it wasn’t quite warm enough for sandals. These Earth Origins Cruise Sneaker  are extremely comfortable, have great arch support and are lightweight, so they are great choice for travel













I did it! I made it to London and Paris with only three pairs of shoes! A remarkable feat for me (if you ask my boyfriend) and both myself and my feet were very happy.

Stay tuned for coming posts as we explore more of London and Paris.

Until then, stay stylish and comfortable!




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