Rainy Day Wine Tasting – What to Wear

This past weekend, we attended the annual Wine Road – Northern Sonoma County Barrel Tasting. Much to our dismay, northern California was hit with yet another round of storms, so most of the weekend was rainy and cloudy. However, Barrel Tasting goes on, rain or shine, so planning my wine tasting attire properly was on the top of my list.

First of all, I’ll provide a little background if you have never participated in a barrel tasting before.  At a barrel tasting you sample wines from the barrel and are given the opportunity to purchase the wine now (often at a discounted price).  You then come back to pick up the wine after it has been bottled, which is usually anywhere from 12 to 18 months after the barrel tasting. These barrel tasting weekends usually draw large crowds, even in the rain, so many of the wineries have a fun and lively atmosphere.

Today, I’ll give you a bit of advice on how plan your wine tasting outfit so that crowds and rain don’t ruin your day.


The weather may be rainy and cold outside, but the wine tasting rooms will be warm and toasty. I find that layering a light jacket over a wispy blouse and camisole works well. Add a light raincoat with a hood and you will be warm enough to get from the parking lot to the tasting room.

Wear dark colors

Crowds and red wine don’t mix. The occasional bump and red wine spill will happen, so you want to be sure you are wearing dark colors to hide the wine stains in case this happens to you. Dark colors will also help hide the raindrops too! Remember that wearing dark colors doesn’t mean that your outfit needs to be as dark and dreary as the weather. Just by choosing a colorful blouse with a print you can easily brighten up your outfit.  Pairing dark colored patterned bottoms with a solid top would work well too.

For the barrel tasting, I paired a dark blue paisley blouse by Final Touch with a dark brown vegan suede jacket from Nordstrom Rack.  I chose a pair of dark wash blue jeans to complete the outfit. At Soda Rock Winery (below) everyone jumped at the chance to spend some time outside in the sun and soak up the beautiful view after a hail storm.

Wear comfortable Water Resistant or Waterproof Shoes

Sand and/or gravel parking lots and grounds can be a bit messy when mixed with rain. A low-heeled pair of water resistant or even water proof shoes or boots will come in handy. At Paradise Ridge Winery we ventured outside for a brief while, even in the rain, as the views were simply too beautiful to miss. I wore my favorite pair of knee-high water resistant boots in black from Bussola. These boots are extremely comfortable and my feet stayed dry all day.

Also, one last tip. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings when wine tasting on a rainy day as you never know what will be lurking around the corner. This little guy at White Oak Winery seemed to be keeping an eye on us.

I hope you find these tips helpful if you ever run across a rainy day of wine tasting.


Until the next post, stay stylish and comfortable.



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